"SE BORDNETZE - BULGARIA" EOOD understands the needs and expectations of the interested parties and ensures highest customer satisfaction by achieving the following:



- COMPLY with customer orders and technological and ecological requirements by the implemented management systems built according to the international standards:

  • – IATF 16949:2016;
  • – ISO 14001;
  • – ISO 45001;
  • – observe the requirements of the Bulgarian and European legislation.



Health and Safety

- TAKE conscious care of personnel’s health and safety by creating ergonomic workplaces, focusing on the prevention of work-related accidents, ensuring fire safety and emergency preparedness, managing risks related to the safety of machinery and equipment, as well as handling of hazardous substances, providing appropriate personal protective equipment for personnel.




Environmental Protection

- COMMIT TO prevent and reduce environmental pollution as a result of its production activities, through waste management, responsible consumption of natural resources (energy, water and air) and prevention of pollution in emergency situations. Plans its activities with care for the environment, taking into account the possibilities for reducing greenhouse gases and maintaining water and air quality. Improve energy efficiency by using renewable power sources, as well as using mild chemical substances.




Preventive Measures

- FOLLOW the philosophy of achieving zero defects and accidents and take actions to decrease or eliminate occurring risks as well as use the emerged opportunities. Periodically review the economic, political, social, technological, and ecological aspects, analyzes and evaluates them.



Continuous Improvement

- APPLY the PDCA approach to continuously improve product quality, production processes, and working environment by monitoring the systems/processes’ effectiveness and efficacy. Work in direction of cost optimization.




Deliveries Just in Time

- DELIVER to its clients automotive wire-harnesses just in time.



Employer engagement

- ACKNOWLEDGE the corporate responsibility to respect human rights, including labour rights, and comply with applicable laws and regulations;

  • - tolerate no modern slavery, no child, no forced or compulsory labour and human-trafficking;
  • - respect the freedom of association, fair employment practices;
  • - ensure diversity and equal opportunities and allow no harassment or discrimination;
  • - adopt human resources practices for open dialogue and resolving concerns with employees;
  • - strive to develop and sustain anti-bribery policy, employees’ code of conduct, data protection, and ethics escalation policy (“whistle-blowing policy”).



Active Participation of All Employees

- MOTIVATE employees to reach high productivity and effectiveness of their work through constant training and qualification, as well as by applying methods like HAI-V, Kaizen, Pika-Pika, G-Stars, ТРМ, and 5S.

The present policy has been announced and is available to all parties concerned. It shall be applied and followed by all SEBN BG employees and subcontractors. It is being reviewed periodically for aptitude and actuality.